5 Tools for Transitioning Through Change

How well do you transition through change? Whether it is a job, moving out of town or across the world, relationships ending or serious injury. These times in our lives are meant to make us stronger, not bring us down. But how do you make this happen? How do you find the strength to push through the fog and resistance of equal and opposite forces? As we begin to shed into a new chapter there is a period of pain and/or discomfort. Not knowing what may happen will bring about anxiety and stress and dwelling in the past will just bring sorrow.  This thick viscous movement felt in all directions is what can hold us back or, with the right tools, may catapult us forward, you may even have to take a few steps back to gain some momentum.

Metamorphosis of butterfly

Having gone through a few thick and uncomfortable situations I have learned how to utilize certain tools to heal myself emotionally and physically. The worst thing that you can do for yourself is keep it bottled up inside. Also, remember that our bodies remember everything that happens to us, but our minds tend to forget. So as you utilize the tools that you are given keep in mind that sometimes pain from the past must resurface in order to be released.

1. Breath/Meditate:

If you have not read my other blog posts, please do. Your breath is what helps regulate the stress in your life. When we are stressed we are getting less oxygen to our bodies, causing physical tension that may lead to chronic pain or injury.

Focusing on your breath is meditation. Every time I find my mind cluttered and tumbling down this road of unwanted thought of what could be or what has happened I take a few deep breaths, picturing light entering and all that is not wanted leaving my body.

2.  Movement:

We must move to release tension and blockages that physical and mental stress causes within our bodies. Yoga, running, climbing, hiking, surfing, dancing ( my personal favorite!) or just a good kick ass workout, it doesn’t matter what the activity is but you must MOVE! Find the flow state where time is obsolete and you are fully immersed in the activity.flow movement

I find that yoga or a few simple stretches is one of the most effective ways to heal and release tension. Making sure that you are inhales and exhales are at least 3-4 seconds long, always exhaling into a stretch. It will also calm the body and allow for your automatic processes to function efficiently.

3. Set Goals:

What do you really want? Write it down. Put them in a place where you will look at them every day. Know what you want and know that there will always be challenges and setbacks. It is always important that these goals are from the heart, not the head (ego). If your intention is in the right place life will have a much better flow. 

4. Self-talk:

Yep, that’s right. Talk to your self, out loud or in your head.  Its ok if you look crazy, we are all a little crazy…

Our mind does not know the difference between actually seeing a situation with our eyes or picturing the situation in our minds.  So if we are always thinking about the bad things that could happen it is affecting our bodies as though it really happened.

With meditation you will learn to direct and control your thoughts. If we can learn to picture what we want, feel it and believe it as though it has already happened, then if things don’t go your way you know that was suppose to happen and you used all of your power to create what you thought you needed.

So create mantras that you can repeat to your self. “I am” statements can be a powerful tool.

Self-Talk lionI am strong

I am beautiful

I am capable

I am light

I am happy

I am love


You may also use “I can” and “I will”. I utilize these words when I find myself focusing on the negative. I repeat the statements over and over again with a smile on my face. 🙂 Make sure that when you say them you feel and believe the words that are being spoken. You can not fool your mind, it knows your true intention and belief.

Create the life you want.

5. Find support:

The final piece of the puzzle is support from family, friend, or a therapist. We all need a sense of community, to know that we are loved and supported. Transition is not always the most graceful and fun experience, but it is what makes us strong and expands our capacity to handle anything that comes our way. Do not be afraid, you are not alone.

Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 11.17.37 PM


These are only a few of the tools that can be utilized during challenging times. It is important to listen to our mind and body and understand that our reality is a reflection of ourselves. Work on fine-tuning your self and your reality should adjust as a result.


A New Chapter

This blog began as a simply school assignment, very quickly I realized that my soul was searching for a channel of expression. I needed to put myself out of my comfort zone, expand the capacity of my being… I signed up for philosophy of sport by default when the one of my classes was cancelled last minute and that was the only class available. I  remember worrying for 1/10th of a second, then instantly a sense of calm rushed over my entire body, it was then I knew I was being lead on a different path. This particular class was at the exact time and day that I needed and one of the options was to write a blog each week. I was excited to see progress in my writing.new chapter

I chose the particular theme of this blog so that I could eventually use it when I felt so inspired. Well, that time is now. It has been almost a year since I began the blog and took me till now to open my heart, mind, and creative flow to put into words the knowledge that I have been given..

I will leave the posts from class as a reminder of how this all began..

Love and Light <3<3


To Live Arete

The thought of arete may bring varying images or meanings to mind, whether it is a sharp ridge of a mountain or the act of living up to your highest human potential; It is the essence of pure excellence one may strive for in this life time. When you strive to live a life arete, you are living on the edge, on this edge you are unafraid to fall, knowing that you will only be brought up higher. It is not a life of mediocrity nor is it a life of mindless living. It is about being brave in the face of adversity. In Homeric times it was neither masculine nor feminine. It was the true essence of you beyond what this physical world can see. In society we define ones potential based on their physical form, segregating those who are thought to be unworthy or weak. Men from women; Rich from poor. Forgetting that inside, we are all one.

Whether you are an Olympic athlete, stay at home mom, doctor, or janitor; you all have the opportunity to live a life arete. You must take a hold of this life that you were given, good or bad, rich or poor, fat or skinny, and embrace the challenges, conditions, and each opportunity as though it was your last.

Live your life arete.