The Dawn of A New Day

This morning I woke up
Feeling the dawn of a new day
Beginning at such a ripe young age

Each cell of mine
transforming with time

Light bursting through the seams
Ascending each plateau with ease

As I walk through this life
Re-membering all of my might

I’ve done this before
Seeking, wanting to explore

But this time is different
A whole other level of mission

Much bigger than you and me
God given ability to heal and see.

Life Path: Unknown

In this 5th dimensional state
Souls together finding fate

Igniting flames of similar proportions
Life path set in motion

Create visions of the future
Beware, miracles will occur

Thoughts of positive intention
Brings abundance and love, no question

Mirrored reflections
Ones true intentions

Be weary of those
Who think they know

Higher dimensional thoughts
cannot be sold or bought

But come truly from within
experience is the only way to ascend

Life of Mirrors and Veils

Life of mirrors and veils
Soul always prevails

Whispering gently
Be still so you may hear

A quiet mind
Through Challenging times

Transmuting negativity
Letting go of non-necessity

Ego chimes into soul?
What do you really know?

Divine path created
Transcending beautiful elation

The road less traveled
unknown path i shall go

Release all expectation
Make way for manifestation

The Essence of You and I

Through sound we adapt and change, our lives are molded by our intention and power over our mind and bodies. I recently listened to a podcast interview with David Ison, the creator of the chakra sound system, in this interview he describes the music that he composes as the direct experience of the essence contained in each energy center, it is the exact proportions of the sacred essence. He goes on to describe music as proportion and harmony and geometry as music frozen in time.

These words really resonated within me. Beautiful music, harmonious sounds carry the essence of the proportional beauty that is geometry, that is music, that is sound. When we WAKE UP to this fact you will begin to see that EVERY sound that you hear has this effect on your being. From the mundane office, the television shows, the mainstream radio to the beautiful parks, sound of the ocean, and stillness of the forest. The beauty of geometry surrounds your life always and even more so when your thoughts and mind are clear of the negative that is the ego. We clean up our room and instantly feel better, we wash our car and somehow we feel it drives smoother, Proportion is harmony is beauty is love is light. We strive to FEEL beauty within the external world, but sometimes forget that it comes from within. Surround yourself with beautiful words, inspirational beings, bountiful light… Nurture your soul, release all worry, act with pure intention, imagine only the beautiful and then your reality will reflect the essence of your intention.

How can this be done? It starts by being ok with who you are at this very moment. Being able to appreciate and show GRADITUTE for what you may or may not have. Show GRADITUTE and all that you desire will be given to you. This is the beauty of manifestation.

<3<3 Love and Light <3<3