Primal Coding

We all desire to live up to our fullest potential. The only thing that is stopping us is the way we think and breathe. These two almost automatic responses to living (notice, I said almost) are what fuel our realities. Our breath follows our mind and our mind controls our bodies. When we THINK of something stressful, or put our bodies under physical stress (working out), our breath shortens and our bodies get less oxygen. When we THINK about calming and lengthening the breath our bodies receive more oxygen and results in a more efficient mind and body.

Joshua Tree (2012)

Joshua Tree (2012)

Primal coding is using the breath to take control of our body and mind. I utilize certain breathing techniques, corrective exercises, and primal movements/stretches to release tension and expand your capacity for stress, because lets face it, as the years go by the stress in your life will most likely increase. Why stress about stress when you can increase your capacity

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