Arete Life Holistic Healing

Welcome to Arete LIfe Holistic Healing! This is a place not only of healing guided through my hands; it is a place where you learn that you are the healer. Join me in a one on one or group session that will be designed based on the needs of the client(s). 

I offer Reiki sessions and attunements, I am a strength coach so I am able to address any workout program needs, and also offer Primal Coding sessions.

In each Primal Coding session I utilize breath-work, core strengthening and corrective exercises, yoga asanas, and meditations to improve:

  • Mobility/Flexibility
  • Body awareness
  • Your capacity for stress
  • Lung capacity
  • Sleep
  • Low back pain

If you are interested in learning to control your body and mind please contact me for more information about my private or group session rates.


Post-Hike stretch on Catalina with Outdoor Discovery School

Post-Hike stretch on Catalina with Outdoor Discovery School


1 thought on “Arete Life Holistic Healing

  1. Hi Kristina, I am very interested in learning more of what you are advocating as I have been doing forms of what you are doing for years. I will be out of the country from June 15th till the end of July, but when I get back I would like to find out more….

    Thank you!


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