The Dawn of A New Day

This morning I woke up
Feeling the dawn of a new day
Beginning at such a ripe young age

Each cell of mine
transforming with time

Light bursting through the seams
Ascending each plateau with ease

As I walk through this life
Re-membering all of my might

I’ve done this before
Seeking, wanting to explore

But this time is different
A whole other level of mission

Much bigger than you and me
God given ability to heal and see.

Life Path: Unknown

In this 5th dimensional state
Souls together finding fate

Igniting flames of similar proportions
Life path set in motion

Create visions of the future
Beware, miracles will occur

Thoughts of positive intention
Brings abundance and love, no question

Mirrored reflections
Ones true intentions

Be weary of those
Who think they know

Higher dimensional thoughts
cannot be sold or bought

But come truly from within
experience is the only way to ascend

A New Chapter

This blog began as a simply school assignment, very quickly I realized that my soul was searching for a channel of expression. I needed to put myself out of my comfort zone, expand the capacity of my being… I signed up for philosophy of sport by default when the one of my classes was cancelled last minute and that was the only class available. I ┬áremember worrying for 1/10th of a second, then instantly a sense of calm rushed over my entire body, it was then I knew I was being lead on a different path. This particular class was at the exact time and day that I needed and one of the options was to write a blog each week. I was excited to see progress in my chapter

I chose the particular theme of this blog so that I could eventually use it when I felt so inspired. Well, that time is now. It has been almost a year since I began the blog and took me till now to open my heart, mind, and creative flow to put into words the knowledge that I have been given..

I will leave the posts from class as a reminder of how this all began..

Love and Light <3<3